“Why Should You Have To Go To A Lawyer Every Time You Make A Legal Agreement?”

Whether it’s contracts or other legal documents, you want to bulletproof your business from lawsuits and government investigations…but not pay a fortune in attorneys’ fees.

What Foolish Business Owners Do

Some companies go without legal protection, hoping that they don’t get sued.

They’re like the chumps who drive illegally without auto insurance. Everything’s fine until one wreck ruins their life.

Skipping business legal protection is a risky gamble that can destroy what you’ve built with just one lawsuit. Just one court judgment can cost you everything. We’re talking bankruptcy, loss of home, savings, and giving up your retirement plans.

Imagine being trapped in a virtual prison, where you have to go work for someone else every day until you die.

What Do Wise Entrepreneurs Do?

Sensible business owners protect their future by putting the right legal protections in place today. As Ben Franklin said, a stitch in time saves nine.

Ideally, you’d get an experienced business lawyer to prepare your legal agreements for you so that you can sleep better at night.

Of course, hiring a qualified attorney is expensive both in time and money. Contracts will typically cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars every time you need one.

This means you’ve got to spend your valuable time dealing with your lawyer to make sure you get things done the way you want them. Chances are you’ll have to wait a week to get what you want even if you need it right now.

Is There an Affordable Way to Protect Yourself Right Now?

If you don’t have the money or the time to deal with lawyers, perhaps there’s a better way to get the protection you need.

LegalFormSmart.com was built as a smart online tool designed to save you time and money while creating professional grade business legal forms that give you peace of mind.

What Are Professional Grade Legal Forms?

Business lawyers with over 20 years of experience have created contracts and other legal documents designed to protect companies and their owners.

These professionally prepared forms were added to LegalFormSmart.com’s online tool so that you can customize the document you want in just minutes.

No kidding.

How Does LegalFormSmart.com Work?

Step 1 – You choose the form you need for your business and answer a few questions.
Step 2 – Our smart online tool creates your professional grade legal document based on your answers.
Step 3 – You’ll get your customized document in both Microsoft Word (.docx) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file formats.

It’s just that simple to get the legal form you want.

How Often Can You Use a Form?

You can use the version you purchased as many times as you like in your business

No kidding. For example, if your company has 10 employees, you can use the same form to create 10 different employment agreements. Just log in to your account and provide the new information (e.g. new employee’s name) needed to generate each form.

How LegalFormSmart.com Saves You Money

To make it affordable, we’ve tried to price every professional grade legal form so that you save 80% or more of what it would cost for a business lawyer to prepare a comparable legal document just one time.

But remember this. You can use the same form repeatedly in your business. For example, if you invest in an employment agreement form, you can customize the contract for different employees.

Why is LegalFormSmart.com so Affordable?

How can you save so much in legal fees by using LegalFormSmart.com?

LegalFormSmart.com was built as an online do-it-yourself tool using cutting edge technology so we’re able to save you money. You’re entering some of the information instead of paying a law firm to have a paralegal or inexperienced lawyer do it for you.

Although experienced business lawyers created the forms generated by our tool for you, we’re not a law firm, there’s no legal advice given, and there’s no attorney-client relationship.

So this means you’re not paying for an attorney’s personal time when you invest in our professional grade legal documents for protection. We’ve paid the attorneys for their time so you don’t have to.

Can you imagine that? This is how legal protection should work in the modern world.

Are There Any Restrictions on Using LegalFormSmart.com?

Only one.

You can use the forms in your business (unless you’re a lawyer) but can’t sell or give away the forms to others. This is designed to keep you from getting in trouble with state bar associations for practicing law without a license as a non-lawyer, and it protects our intellectual property.

That’s fair, isn’t it?

Can You Change a Legal Document?

After you’ve generated a document, you can modify it any way you want with the exception that you cannot remove the provision that identifies us as the copyright owner for the form and you as the licensee.

Of course, any changes you make are done at your own risk. For example, if you accidentally delete the word “not” in a sentence, that’s on you.

What about Updates?

Most of our legal documents are designed to offer protection for many years without changes.

However, we may from time to time update a form with new or revised sections because laws have changed.

If we do make updates, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade at a discount to the latest version of a form you purchased.

And, of course, you can continue to use the form you already purchased instead.

100% No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re unhappy for any reason, just quit using the form you purchased, destroy any copies of it you have, and request a refund within 30 days of purchase by following the easy steps in our refund policy.

In other words, you’ll promptly receive a full refund. That’s a firm promise and commitment.

So, What’s Your Next Step?

Just select the type of legal form you want below to get started…

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