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Account Access

If you have forgotten the username selected when you purchased your first legal form from us, please contact customer support so that we can locate and send it to you.

To speed up the process, please include as much information as you remember about your account (but not your password). For example, the email address you used, any purchase dates, type of form(s) you bought, etc.

legal forms lost password

Go to our password reset page, enter your username or email address, and click the “Get New Password” button.


legal forms mart login screen


To log into your account, enter your username and password. Then click the “Log In” button.

Your username is the one you created when you purchased your first legal form.

General Information

We keep copyright ownership of our legal forms. When you purchase access to a form, you are purchasing a license to use it in your business (but not sell or give the form away to others).

Do not remove the copyright notice in the form.

You can use the version of a form you purchased as many times as you like in your business.

If we update that form, you will be given the opportunity to get the new version at a discount. Or you can continue using the version you already purchased.

You can use the forms you purchase in your business (unless you’re a lawyer) but can’t sell or give away the forms to others.

This is designed to keep you from getting in trouble with state bar associations for practicing law without a license as a non-lawyer, and it protects our intellectual property.

If you are an attorney, contact us if you’re interested in using our legal forms as part of your law practice.


Developer’s licenses are not available. This means you cannot and should not generate legal forms for others.

We never want someone to be accused of the unauthorized practice of law. Each business should buy their own forms.


If you are an attorney in good standing with your state bar, and are interested in licensing our legal forms for your practice, please contact us.

After you’ve generated a document, you can change it any way you want with the exception that you cannot remove the provision that identifies us as the copyright owner for the form and you as the licensee.

Of course, any changes you make are done at your own risk. For example, if you accidentally delete the word “not” in a sentence, that’s on you. You may wish to seek professional legal help for customization.

You can use the version you purchased as many times as you like in your business.

Legal Advice

We are not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice. Seek professional legal help if needed.

You may wish to contact Attorney Mike Young who drafted many of our legal forms. However, he will not give out complimentary legal advice.

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