This page includes two types of employment agreement legal forms with terms and conditions that favor employers.

  1. Employment At-Will Contracts. Some of the employment agreements are for employment at-will. This generally means employment can be terminated at any time legally by an employer with notable exceptions. For example, an employer cannot fire a worker because of the employee’s race or gender.
  2. Term Employment Contracts. Some of the employment agreements provide for employment for a term. For example, one could use the forms to provide for employment for an initial term of 12 months. There are provisions to terminate employment early but not at-will.

There are also three variations of each of these types of contracts that cover the following issues.

  1. Some of the employment contract forms provide for paid federal holidays as an employee benefit. Some do not.
  2. Some of the agreements provide for paid time off (PTO) that an employee can use for any reason (e.g. illness, vacation, attend a funeral, etc.). Some do not provide this benefit.
  3. There are contract forms that include a non-compete provision to prevent an employee from competing with the employer’s business for a period of time after quitting or being fired. Other forms do not include this non-compete provision.

Be sure to read the description for each type of employment agreement form to determine which one is right for your company as to employment status (at-will or term), paid holidays and/or other time off, and protection against employee competition.


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