“You” and “Your” means the valid purchaser of this license from the Internet Attorneys Association LLC (“IAA”) at LegalFormsMart.com to use the legal form for which you pay a licensing fee to the IAA (the “Licensed Form”).

Your license is a single end user, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable right to use the Licensed Form per the following terms and conditions.

Here’s what you can do (and not do) with the Licensed Form under this license:

[NO] You do NOT have resale rights to sell the Licensed Form to anyone because you do not own those rights to convey.

[NO] You cannot alter or remove the IAA’s copyright notice from the Licensed Form.

[NO] The Licensed Form cannot be added into paid or free membership websites for use by others.

[NO] The Licensed Form cannot be packaged.

[NO] The Licensed Form cannot be offered as a bonus.

[NO] The Licensed Form cannot be sold or given away for free to anyone or in any format.

[NO] You cannot publish or duplicate the Licensed Form for use by third parties.

[NO] This license does not include a right to use any other legal forms sold by the IAA at LegalFormsMart.com or elsewhere. You must purchase a separate license for each legal form you want to use.

[YES] You may use the Licensed Form in each business that you own or co-own at least 40% of the total outstanding equity. This includes modifications and reproductions subject to the above restrictions. Changes are made at your own risk, are derivative works, and do not grant you or any third party copyright to the original Licensed Form or as modified.

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